Open call for proposals for innovative solutions

Open call for proposals for innovative solutions

Open call for proposals for innovative solutions for the health innovation projects, InnovaSaude and Hospital 2050 (H2050), co-funded by theERDF (Technology Fund).

The purpose of the open call for proposals for innovative solutions is to promote the participation of physical or legal persons, in order to identify innovative proposals that will contribute to the development process and execution of projects included in Hospital2050 (H2050) and InnovaSaúde under the open innovation frameworkpromoted by the Galician Health Service.

This open call is part of a process of technical dialogue with the market intended as a preliminary stage in the process of public procurement of innovation (PPI) which SERGAS aims to develop in the healthcare innovation plans, Hospital 2050 (H2050) and InnovaSaúde, according with the Strategy Europe 2020.

The call is directed to physical or legal persons with interest in participation and collaboration with the Galician Health Service in the development of projects both in their definition and scope, in technologic and innovation development in the field of health care.

The proposals will be submitted following the model available in electronic documentation format at the web-site address H2050-InnovaSaúde. There will be separate proposal form models available for each of the two plans. The proposals will be submitted by e-mail to the following addresses: (proposals related to the Hospital 2050 projects), and (proposals related to InnovaSaúdeprojects).Optionally, the model forms to be submittedcan be complemented with any additional information that the proposer deems relevant to further detail the proposal.

The period for proposal submission will remain open from2012-2015. For the study and selection of proposals that are presented throughout the period indicated, four milestones have been set to assess theproposals: March, June, September and December.

The Galician Health Service will establish the requirements and technical specifications for the InnovaSaúde and Hospital 2050 projects, through content tabs on projects that will be available and accessible on the website H2050-InnovaSaúde.

Full details of the "Order of April 27, 2012, related to the open call for proposals for innovative solutions", and further information is available through: